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Content Consulting

Is your business “contented”? In other words, do you have the content you need to attract prospects into your sales process and to retain customers over the long term? If not, then Avanza Communications, LLC, can help you.

Avanza, a content strategy and development boutique serving B2B firms, provides three kinds of content-consulting services:

  • Content Strategy Maps

  • Content Development Plans.

  • Editorial Calendars

A Content Strategy Map defines the best times, tools, and platforms for delivering content across the customer lifecycle. To develop this document, we first review a client’s business strategy, customer profiles or personas, and its sales process. Then we research customer information needs and then evaluate how well existing content meets those needs. The result: a detailed document that will guide future publishing efforts.

In many cases, a Content Strategy Map will identify gaps—i.e, points in the customer lifecycle where content is or poor quality or nonexistent. To fill those gaps, Avanza will create a Content Development Plan. This document defines the resources, milestones, and accountabilities for building the missing content deliverables.

With a Content Strategy Map and Development Plan in place, the challenge becomes sustaining the publishing effort over time. To this end, Avanza helps clients develop Editorial Calendars that identify the right topics to write about over the coming year.

With these three plans in place—Content Strategy, Content Development, and Editorial Calendar—you will be poised to generate a return on investment from your content-marketing program, including:

  • More initial sales discussions

  • Greater number of proposals submitted

  • Better closing ratios

  • Shorter sales cycles

  • Better customer retention

  • Stronger brand reputation

Content Development

Successful content marketing hinges on continuous publishing, not one-offs. For this reason, it’s helpful to think in terms of “content streams” rather than individual pieces of content. Based on the established content strategy and plans, Avanza creates content streams that:

  • Help you close more sales, faster.

  • Protects client relationships and future revenue.

  • Differentiates you from competitors who engage in conventional marketing.

  • Positions your firm as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Educates your customers about your products, lowering service costs.

Avanza can help you to achieve these benefits and more by delivering streaming content such as:

  • Article series (for company web sites)

  • Facebook posts

  • LinkedIn status updates

  • Twitter “tweets”

  • Blogging content streams

  • Monthly or quarterly electronic newsletter content

  • Case study series

  • White paper series

  • Trade press article series

  • Press release series

  • Executive bylined article series

  • Training manuals

  • Product guides

  • FAQs

For offline marketing, we specialize in developing mission-critical documents that generate substantial financial returns. These include business plans, proposals (both customized and templated), and sales presentations.

Regardless of platform (online or offline) or of project, Avanza’s mission is clear—to help you move ahead with strong business content.


Content Marketing

At Avanza, we make sure that your content is visible on search engines and on your targeted social media platforms. To these ends, we provide services such as:

  • Keyword research

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Content distribution to web sites, blogs, and social media platforms

Keyword research is pivotal because it will help attract prospects and clients to your content. It also provides insight into the pain points you’re customers are having and how to position your content against those points. Once you know the keywords that will most effectively attract readers to your content, then SEO is the process of including those keywords in the actual content.

Content distribution is pivotal, as well, because you can't rely on your web site alone to attract readers to your content. Other times, you’ll want to distribute the content on third-party publishing and social-media platforms to extend your content-marketing reach.

So what’s the bottom line? That generating content for your business no longer has to be painful. Consider partnering with Avanza Communications, LLC, to provide the content you need to grow and lock down your customer base. Why Avanza? Because:

  • We’re a content-development boutique with over 30 years of experience generating high-value business content.

  • We have extensive experience in all aspects of content design, writing, and editing.

  • We specialize in B2B firms of many types, especially those in complicated and/or regulated industries.

  • We provide highly personalized service and believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

So if you're ready to get serious about your content, contact Avanza Communications, LLC, today for a provider you can trust.


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