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Alabanza collateral

Alabanza logoAlabanza, a Baltimore based web technology company, pioneered the concept of automated web hosting, providing the technology web hosts need to manage their businesses. Alabanza hired Avanza to conduct a brand-voice and content edit for its new web site. It also charged us with developing a corporate brochure reflecting its new positioning strategy.

Sample content:
Focus on Growing Your Business:  Managed Solutions.”

Alabanza has been a leader in automated web hosting services since launching our business over a decade ago. Our experience and expertise allow us to deploy effective technology, weather business cycles, and provide our clients with proven business solutions. In fact, we invented the term ‘Automated Hosting’ and are one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets.

Today, Alabanza continues to leverage its experience to help our clients grow. Our Managed Automated Hosting solutions enable web firms to run profitable hosting businesses. But we’re much more than a web automation company. We also provide a robust suite of Managed Services that help small-to-medium-sized firms achieve their goals through effective IT management. So whether you’re a web host that needs the best hosting solutions or a growing company that wants to outsource its critical business applications, Alabanza’s experience has met the test of time.”

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Alabanza brochure (pdf)

TruePresence collateral brochure

True Presence TruePresence is a franchise company that provides web development services through its franchisees to small- and medium-sized business across America. It retained Avanza to develop a marketing brochure that effectively made the TruePresence business case to potential franchisees, helping to lay the groundwork for a national franchise network.

Sample content: 
TruePresence Franchise Opportunities.”

What if. . .

  • You could build Fortune 500 web sites, at a small-business cost?
  • You could empower clients to update their own sites, at no extra expense?
  • You could leverage the true power of the web, driving client sales and profits?
  • Your hard work today created financial value tomorrow?
  • Your web technology partner had a national presence and track record of innovation?

Then you’d be a TruePresence franchisee. Interested?  Read on to learn more about a new franchise opportunity that is reshaping the web services business.”

TruePresence collateral brochure [PDF]

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