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Public relations content—news releases, press kits, briefing materials, and bylined articles—must promote the client’s agenda, without appearing blatantly promotional. This is a tricky balance. The solution is to promote what’s truly newsworthy in a company, but in a credible, journalistic style. At Avanza Communications, we know how to write public relations content that communicates the right messages—in the right way.


National Ethics Bureau PR content

The National Ethics Bureau is a one-stop source for consumers to verify the backgrounds of their insurance and financial advisors.  It is also a resource for financial professionals to grow their practices by communicating their exemplary record of business ethics to their prospects and clients. 

The Bureau hired Avanza to manage its communications and content effort, with the goal of greatly expanding the number of NEB advisors over the next five years.  Getting published in the media is a key part of this effort, especially in publications read by financial professionals. The following sample was excerpted from a column published under NEB Chairman Steve McCarty's byline in Senior Market Advisor, a trade magazine for

financial advisors.

Sample content: 
The Ethics-Driven Field Marketing

Organization .”


Once upon a time, a financial marketing organization (FMO) would simply provide a broad range of products on a profitable basis to their contracted agents.  Period.

Then product-driven FMOs became marketing-driven, helping their insurance and financial advisors identify and develop productive market niches.

In recent years, FMOs have further evolved into business consultants, helping advisors successfully manage their complex practices. 

But exceptional FMOs aren’t resting on their laurels.  That’s because many are now helping advisors successfully operate in an environment of consumer mistrust and regulatory scrutiny.   They are becoming ethics-driven, doing their part to improve the quality of sales practices in the financial services industry.

When FMOs become ethics-driven, everybody wins.  The FMOs attract a higher caliber advisor. Advisors avoid high-risk sales practices.  And consumers get better advice and more appropriate product solutions.

So as more FMOs transition to the new ethics-driven philosophy, expect to see and hear unusual things from your favorite FMO.”

Learn more about the National Ethics Bureau.

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