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Portfolio-By Function-Training Design and Course Development

Training is the process of arming employees with the skills, knowledge, experience, and tools they need to produce superior business results. If stand-up training is teaching with people, self-study learning is teaching with content. But training content must be well crafted—linked to learning objectives and easy to read. Avanza Communications has extensive experience building self-study learning materials for clients in the insurance, financial services, and healthcare industries.

Managed Care Insurer Accelerated Guide

A New York health insurer was concerned about increasing the effectiveness of its salesforce. It retained Training Implementation Services, a Connecticut consulting firm, who in turn hired Harry Lew to quarterback the project and oversee the development of an Accelerated Learning Guide.

Sample content:
Selling in the New Healthcare Environment”

The new healthcare environment poses challenges to anyone who sells and services health insurance. New technology, rising costs, government mandates, and other issues have forced employers to find new ways to finance quality healthcare for their employees, while managing costs.   

To this end, they also have higher expectations of you, the Health Benefit Consultant or Account Manager. Not only do they want you to continue doing what you normally do, they want you to go ‘above and beyond’ by advising them on how to meet their benefit objectives, while controlling expenses. Becoming more familiar with the healthcare marketplace—both local and national—is the first step in operating effectively in this new environment.”

Franchise Performance Group, Course Design and Development

Franchise Performance GroupFranchise Performance Group, LLC, a consulting firm to franchisors, hired Avanza Communications to develop a  workbook on training, consulting, and coaching for franchise operations professionals.  The goal:  to help operations people adjust their performance interventions with where a franchisee is in his or her business lifecycle.

Sample content: 
Busting the Bell Curve—How to Develop Peak-Performing Franchisees”

Franchisees are born, grow, and exit.  This is a natural and inevitable process.  The challenge comes in deciding how to work with franchisees at various points in their lifecycles.  Our natural tendency is to fall back into our natural mode.  Some of us are born trainers and tend to fall back on our training strengths.  Others of us are strong consultants and rely on that skill primarily.  And still others are natural coaches who prefer that technique to the other two. 

We have news for you:  You will not become a peak-performing operations professional until you can tailor your approach to the franchisee’s unique needs, which evolve over the business lifecycle.  This means you must be prepared to train, consult, and coach, depending on where a franchise is in its development.  And sometimes, you’ll use multiple techniques with the same franchisee within the same lifecycle stage.”

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