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Content isn’t just about what gets published in marketing collateral, corporate publications, or web sites. It’s also about saying the right things—the right way—in mission-critical business documents. In fact, since big dollars are often riding on business plans, proposals, white papers and other key documents, they must be absolutely top shelf. Avanza Communications produces business documents that generate results.

BriCins, Inc. Business Plan

Fabulous Fry BreadBriCins, Inc., is a food company that produces pre-fried and frozen sweet dough for entertainment venues nationwide. Although BriCins had experienced strong sales growth, the firm needed new equipment, a larger facility, and more staff to meet current demand. Since expansion was not possible through cash flow, the company decided to seek a large line of credit with a Connecticut economic development consortium. After trying to produce a business plan on its own, BriCins decided it needed an experienced professional writer—Harry Lew of Avanza Communications— to make a strong business case for financing.

Sample content: 
Taste the possibilities.”

BriCins, Inc. is a specialty bakery and manufacturer of Brian’s Fabulous FryBreads. With this product, BriCins is taking what once was a niche food item—fry bread—and turning it into a mass-market winner.

In the past, fry bread was served mainly at amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, and other special events. Today, BriCins is transforming this fun and tasty food into a mainstream product available at large entertainment and sports venues; schools, colleges, and universities; hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions; and restaurants and grocery stores across America.

BriCins, Inc. believes our pre-fried and frozen sweet dough has strong market demand—from food service brokers, from retail food venues, and from consumers themselves—and that our company is well-positioned to create and to benefit from the emergence of fry bread as a major food product.”

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