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Publishing is the process of converting intellectual capital into a format people can use to improve their businesses, careers, or lives. Publishing is a generic process that applies to all companies and industries. At Avanza Communications, we bring our deep commitment to producing quality business content to all our publishing assignments.

Kaplan Financial Disability Insurance
training course

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Disability Income Insurance”

All of us face three basic risks: dying too soon, living too long or becoming disabled. Death is a given—that’s why people buy life insurance. Old age is a probability, which clients must plan for so they don’t outlive their financial resources. And then there’s the risk of disability—often overlooked compared with the other two, but a potent risk just the same.

Unlike death and retirement, becoming disabled is only a possibility. But it’s a devastating one because it cuts to the core of a person’s ability to earn a living. Once the flow of earned income stops, most financial plans quickly fall apart. This concept is pivotal, so it bears repeating:

Successful financial plans depend on the client’s ability to earn a living”

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