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Corporate communications deals with building an engaged workforce and creating and managing a firm’s external reputation. But as with marketing communications, the quality of content is crucial. When you retain Avanza Communications, you can be certain our content will focus on your intended audiences and deliver high-quality messaging.

Major New England insurer, corporate magazine article

The client prided itself on the quality of its claim services. It wished to profile this excellence in its corporate publication, distributed to the media, insurance agencies, and employees.

Sample content: 
Weathering the Storm Depends on Planning.”

Jack Brody, catastrophe coordinator, knows his hurricanes. In his 24-year career in claims, he’s worked on Hurricanes Beulah, Celia, Eloise, Frederick, Alicia, and Hugo, not to mention four hailstorms. Though his experience is extensive, his advice is short and sweet: ‘plan today for the catastrophe of tomorrow.’

‘It all starts with planning,’ says Brody. ‘Businesses should picture themselves without electricity for several days and with hundreds, if not thousands, of their customers needing service. By anticipating their needs, they’ll be better equipped to handle the chaos that follows disasters.’ ”

Major managed care insurer, corporate newsletter article

The client relied on professional nurses to run many facets of its business. It hired us to develop profiles of successful company nurses for its internal publication.

Sample content: 
Our Nurses Give New Meaning to Old Traditions”

June Morris, a health promotion product manager, can’t get enough of nursing. During the day, she helps the field sell and deliver health promotion services to clients. That involves screening vendors with services of interest, helping salespeople prepare proposals, and staying on top of the company’s various health promotion products.

But her day isn’t done when she leaves the office. That’s because she has not one, but two part-time nursing jobs awaiting her. During the week, she provides nursing services at the Policy Administration Building in the center city. On weekends, she’s a day and evening supervisor at a nursing home. ‘I get it all done,’ says June, ‘but don’t ask me how.’ ”

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