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Portfolio-By Function-Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is the spark that ignites business growth. At Avanza, we begin such projects by asking who your buyers are and what motivates them. Then we make sure we understand your firm’s business strategy and success factors.

Creating excellent content then involves devising messages that link your buyer’s motivations with your offering, making sure to position your capabilities and differentiators in a powerful, buyer-relevant, and honest way.

Prudential Financial education content

Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial hired Avanza to draft 16 articles on key aspects of annuities and retirement planning. Designed to help Prudential’s customers prepare for and live in retirement, the informative, yet entertaining articles were distributed to Prudential agents and independent investment professionals for use in their customer communications.

Sample content: 
Asset Allocation:  A Lifecycle Approach”

‘Asset allocation’ sounds complex, but its essence is simple. It is the systematic process of diversifying your wealth among different investments such as stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. Your goal is to achieve an investment portfolio with the highest potential return for the least amount of risk. However, asset allocation does not guarantee a profit...

How do you determine the right allocation?  By forging the right mix of assets for your current lifecycle stage. Put simply, every investor has two impulses:  to grow assets or to protect assets. Where you fall depends on your life stage. If you are fresh out of college, you probably will want maximum potential gain. If you are in your peak family formation and child rearing years, you may still want to grow assets, but your risk tolerance may be lower, since you’ll need to put your kids through college or to buy a bigger house. And if you are only a year or two away from retirement—or already retired—you will tilt toward principal protection.”

See entire article [PDF]

Connecticut-based investment advisory firm collateral brochure

This firm retained Avanza to provide marketing communications and public relations counsel. The objective was to communicate the strength, stability, and competence of the firm by devising a new corporate identity, collateral package, and media presence.

Sample content: 
Personal Financial Management”

flagAn excellent financial management firm is like a classic piece of architecture:  Its advice is well-crafted. It combines various financial strategies into one harmonious design. It strives for long-term performance. If this is what you’re looking for in a financial advisor, then look no further.”

Connecticut-based insurance and financial planning firm, newsletter content

This highly successful financial firm serves family business owners almost exclusively. Although they had great visibility through a series of public seminars, they had no method to build and maintain their client relationships. The firm commissioned Avanza to develop and publish a quarterly client newsletter and to create a more effective capability brochure.

Sample content:
The Killer Disease and the Cure.”

There’s a killer disease stalking family businesses. Once it takes hold in a firm, it clouds the owner’s judgment and saps the company’s financial strength. It paralyzes decision-making at critical periods in the firm’s growth. And worst of all, it can threaten a company’s ownership succession. The disease? Lack of objectivity.”

Business Success Tools. LLC, web content

Business Success Tools LLC
Business Success Tools, LLC retained Avanza Communications to develop content for its second-generation web site. The result: an information-rich site that makes a strong connection between customer needs and firm capabilities.

Sample content: 
The Vicious Cycle of Doing”

In business today, leaders, managers, and front line people are caught in a vicious cycle of doing with precious little learning from their doing. Unfortunately, this leads to performing the same activities again and again, regardless of whether they are effective or even consistent with tomorrow’s challenges. What’s wrong with this picture? It doesn’t include two key aspects of effective learning: reflective observation and experimenting with new goals and activities.

Coaching is designed to provide these two missing pieces. Coaches provide a safe harbor for reflecting on past decisions and extracting the lessons learned from them. It also provides encouragement for establishing non-traditional goals and for experimenting with new activities and skills in an environment of safety and acceptance.

By encouraging doing and learning along with reflection and experimentation, coaches help their clients unleash extraordinary performance improvements and increased satisfaction.”

Go to BusinessSuccessTools.biz

Drug Assist Licensing

marketing collateral

Drug Assist Licensing provides innovative medication management solutions to community health and social services agencies through a licensee network. It hired Avanza Communications to develop trade advertising and several collateral brochures for recruiting new licensees.

Sample content:
A Growth Prescription for Independent Pharmacies”

Drug Assist LogoIn the age of big chains, independent pharmacies must compete effectively—or die. Many pharmacists add scale to their business, building or buying stores in order to compete. But this comes at a cost:  added complexity, more management problems, higher costs, and less time to do what you really love:  being a pharmacist. There’s a better way to grow:  Drug Assist Licensing.”

Drug Assist Licensing brochure [PDF]

Alabanza collateral

Alabanza logoAlabanza, a Baltimore based web technology company, pioneered the concept of automated web hosting, providing the technology web hosts need to manage their businesses. Alabanza hired Avanza to conduct a brand-voice and content edit for its new web site. It also charged us with developing a corporate brochure reflecting its new positioning strategy.

Sample content:
Focus on Growing Your Business:  Managed Solutions.”

Alabanza has been a leader in automated web hosting services since launching our business over a decade ago. Our experience and expertise allow us to deploy effective technology, weather business cycles, and provide our clients with proven business solutions. In fact, we invented the term ‘Automated Hosting’ and are one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets.

Today, Alabanza continues to leverage its experience to help our clients grow. Our Managed Automated Hosting solutions enable web firms to run profitable hosting businesses. But we’re much more than a web automation company. We also provide a robust suite of Managed Services that help small-to-medium-sized firms achieve their goals through effective IT management. So whether you’re a web host that needs the best hosting solutions or a growing company that wants to outsource its critical business applications, Alabanza’s experience has met the test of time.”

Go to Alabanza.com
Alabanza brochure (pdf)

TruePresence collateral brochure

True Presence TruePresence is a franchise company that provides web development services through its franchisees to small- and medium-sized business across America. It retained Avanza to develop a marketing brochure that effectively made the TruePresence business case to potential franchisees, helping to lay the groundwork for a national franchise network.

Sample content: 
TruePresence Franchise Opportunities.”

What if. . .

  • You could build Fortune 500 web sites, at a small-business cost?
  • You could empower clients to update their own sites, at no extra expense?
  • You could leverage the true power of the web, driving client sales and profits?
  • Your hard work today created financial value tomorrow?
  • Your web technology partner had a national presence and track record of innovation?

Then you’d be a TruePresence franchisee. Interested?  Read on to learn more about a new franchise opportunity that is reshaping the web services business.”

TruePresence collateral brochure [PDF]

International Expansion Consultants web site content

Sample content:
Growth Advisors to Companies with Dreams”

screenshot  International Expansion Consultants is a management advisory firm that helps companies expand distribution through franchising, licensing, and other methods. Because becoming a franchisor is so complex, the company wanted a web site that would enlighten prospects about the franchising process, attract qualified prospects, and screen out inappropriate franchise candidates. They hired Avanza to organize and write their first-generation site, with a strong focus on prospect and client education.

You know what it takes to run a successful business. But what do you do for an encore? Do you add corporate locations? Franchise your company? License your business concept? Or do you consider forming a distributorship?

If you're committed to growing your business, but don't know the best approach, it's time to speak with International Expansion Consultants (IEC), growth advisors to companies with dreams.

Since 1993, we have been helping clients large and small envision their growth potential, plan their growth strategies, and achieve their profit objectives. Devising highly effective franchising and licensing systems is our specialty. And our passion is helping clients achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

Interested in expanding your scope of distribution or creating more effective operational systems? Then we encourage you to explore our site.”

Go to ExpansionExperts.com

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Marketers didn't invent storytelling. They just perfected it .”

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Harry Lew drafted content that was clear, concise, and professional.  But most important, he presented a compelling business case for TruePresence.”

Jim Fuss,  Director, Franchise Operations, TruePresence, LLC

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