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Managed Care Insurer Sales Training Guide

A New York health insurer was concerned about increasing the effectiveness of its salesforce. It retained Training Implementation Services, a Connecticut consulting firm, who in turn hired Harry Lew to quarterback the project and oversee the development of an Accelerated Learning Guide.

Sample content:
Selling in the New Healthcare Environment”

The new healthcare environment poses challenges to anyone who sells and services health insurance. New technology, rising costs, government mandates, and other issues have forced employers to find new ways to finance quality healthcare for their employees, while managing costs.   

To this end, they also have higher expectations of you, the Health Benefit Consultant or Account Manager. Not only do they want you to continue doing what you normally do, they want you to go ‘above and beyond’ by advising them on how to meet their benefit objectives, while controlling expenses. Becoming more familiar with the healthcare marketplace—both local and national—is the first step in operating effectively in this new environment.”

Drug Assist Licensing marketing collateral

Drug AssistDrug Assist Licensing provides innovative medication management solutions to community health and social services agencies through a licensee network. It hired Avanza Communications to develop trade advertising and several collateral brochures for recruiting new licensees.

Sample content:
A Growth Prescription for Independent Pharmacies”

In the age of big chains, independent pharmacies must compete effectively—or die. Many pharmacists add scale to their business, building or buying stores in order to compete. But this comes at a cost:  added complexity, more management problems, higher costs, and less time to do what you really love:  being a pharmacist. There’s a better way to grow:  Drug Assist Licensing.”

Drug Assist Licensing brochure [PDF]

Major managed care insurer, corporate newsletter article

The client relied on professional nurses to run many facets of its business. It hired us to develop profiles of successful company nurses for its internal publication.

Sample content: 
Our Nurses Give New Meaning to Old Traditions”

June Morris, a health promotion product manager, can’t get enough of nursing. During the day, she helps the field sell and deliver health promotion services to clients. That involves screening vendors with services of interest, helping salespeople prepare proposals, and staying on top of the company’s various health promotion products.

But her day isn’t done when she leaves the office. That’s because she has not one, but two part-time nursing jobs awaiting her. During the week, she provides nursing services at the Policy Administration Building in the center city. On weekends, she’s a day and evening supervisor at a nursing home. ‘I get it all done,’ says June, ‘but don’t ask me how.’ ”

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