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Drug Assist Licensing marketing collateral

Drug Assist LogoDrug Assist Licensing provides innovative medication management solutions to community health and social services agencies through a licensee network. It hired Avanza Communications to develop trade advertising and several collateral brochures for recruiting new licensees.

Sample content:
A Growth Prescription for Independent Pharmacies”

In the age of big chains, independent pharmacies must compete effectively—or die. Many pharmacists add scale to their business, building or buying stores in order to compete. But this comes at a cost:  added complexity, more management problems, higher costs, and less time to do what you really love:  being a pharmacist. There’s a better way to grow:  Drug Assist Licensing.”

Drug Assist Licensing brochure [PDF]

TruePresence collateral brochure

True Presence TruePresence is a franchise company that provides web development services through its franchisees to small- and medium-sized business across America. It retained Avanza to develop a marketing brochure that effectively made the TruePresence business case to potential franchisees, helping to lay the groundwork for a national franchise network.

Sample content: 
TruePresence Franchise Opportunities.”

What if. . .

  • You could build Fortune 500 web sites, at a small-business cost?
  • You could empower clients to update their own sites, at no extra expense?
  • You could leverage the true power of the web, driving client sales and profits?
  • Your hard work today created financial value tomorrow?
  • Your web technology partner had a national presence and track record of innovation?

Then you’d be a TruePresence franchisee. Interested?  Read on to learn more about a new franchise opportunity that is reshaping the web services business.”

TruePresence collateral brochure [PDF]

Extra Innings Baseball and Softball Training web content

Extra InningsJoe Luis and Rob Nash, former pro ballplayers, founded Extra Innings in 1996 to keep their hands in the game. Designed to provide specialized training and equipment to baseball and softball players of all ages, their company was a hit with customers. After several strong growth years, they decided to expand their business nationally through franchising, hiring International Expansion Consultants for management advice and Avanza’s Harry Lew for marketing content.  

Sample content:   
Our Game”

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. It is not just a game, however. It is a passion for millions of Americans, whether they are players, coaches, or fans. But passion for the game and the ability to play it well are two different animals. The difference is training. Players not only need to see correct skill models, they need ample opportunities to acquire skills through intense and focused practice. Providing these opportunities is what Extra Innings is all about.

Baseball is America’s game. Helping players improve their skills is our game. Want to join our roster?”

Go to Extra Innings website.

Wes’ Rib House marketing collateral kit

Wes’ Rib House of Providence, Rhode Island, serves what is arguably the best Missouri-style ribs in New England. When its franchising consultant asked us to develop marketing content to support Wes’ evolution into a franchise company, we readily accepted, with the hope of sampling some great BBQ. Well, we never tried their food. But we did have a lot of fun writing their content.

Sample content: 
Put Some South in Your Mouth”

Wes' Rib House CoverRunning a restaurant can be tremendously challenging. Start with a complicated menu, which leads to many ingredients and food storage requirements. Now throw in a bewildering array of preparation methods. Then factor in the length of time it takes to explain the menu to customers and then to actually cook the food. What have you got?  A recipe for failure.

As a Wes’ franchisee, you can forget complexity. Everything is simple to understand and to execute. The menu is streamlined. There are a limited number of choices and food ingredients. Our meats are all basically prepped the same way. We only have two basic barbecue sauces to deal with:  hot or mild. And everything is cooked the same way—over an open wood-burning pit that literally mesmerizes people who stare at it too long.

But there is one thing about a Wes’ franchise that isn’t simple—our barbecue sauces. They are complex, rich, tangy, flavorful, and full of life. They have wowed and wooed Rhode Island’s old and young for over 20 years. They are, to be frank, great—and their recipe is highly guarded. As a Wes’ franchise, you will use this sauce to build your business, and your customers will love you for it. A sauce that has put some South in the mouths of thousands will also put some profit on your income statement.”

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Joe Mathews, President, Franchise Performance Group, LLC

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