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National Ethics Bureau selects Avanza as communications partner.

Avanza Communications was recently named to manage communications and content development for the National Ethics Bureau in San Diego, California. The Bureau provides a one-stop source for consumers to verify the business ethics of insurance and financial advisors. All of its approved advisors have successfully passed the Ethics Check System™, a series of comprehensive background checks for criminal, civil, and business violations.

In addition to verifying advisor backgrounds, the National Ethics Bureau educates and motivates financial advisors about the importance of professional ethics.  Through its newsletters, bulletins, and web site, it demonstrates the connection between exemplary ethics and business success.

“We retained Avanza Communication to help us build awareness of our services and to refine our content publishing strategy,” says Steve McCarty, co-founder and chairman.  “Avanza not only has the communications and content skills we need, it also has a real appreciation of the role ethics plays in the financial services industry.”

For further information about the National Ethics Bureau, visit its web site at www.ethicscheck.com.

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