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Avanza Educates Consumers About Annuities and Retirement

Prudential FinancialPrudential Financial hired Avanza to draft 16 articles on key aspects of annuities and retirement planning. Designed to help Prudential’s customers prepare for and live in retirement, the informative, yet entertaining, articles were distributed to Prudential agents and independent investment professionals for use in their customer communications.

Sample content: 
“Asset Allocation:  A Lifecycle Approach”

“'Asset allocation' sounds complex, but its essence is simple. It is the systematic process of diversifying your wealth among different investments such as stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. Your goal is to achieve an investment portfolio with the highest potential return for the least amount of risk. However, asset allocation does not guarantee a profit . . .

"How do you determine the right allocation?  By forging the right mix of assets for your current lifecycle stage. Put simply, every investor has two impulses:  to grow assets or to protect assets. Where you fall depends on your life stage. If you are fresh out of college, you probably will want maximum potential gain. If you are in your peak family formation and child rearing years, you may still want to grow assets, but your risk tolerance may be lower, since you’ll need to put your kids through college or to buy a bigger house. And if you are only a year or two away from retirement—or already retired—you will tilt toward principal protection."

See entire article [PDF]

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