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Client Types

Are you:

A marketing/communications executive or manager in an insurance or financial services company?

Then it’s important to communicate your value proposition in a highly regulated, yet competitive environment. And with more insurers competing for scarce distribution capacity, it’s crucial to strongly convey your points of difference.

  • Is your field force communications as strong as it should be?
  • Is your customer communications building profitable relationships? 
  • Do you have too many content development projects and not enough writers and time?

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Our insurance/financial services client/project list.
Our insurance/financial services portfolio.

Our insurance/financial services brochure (PDF).

A managing partner or marketing director in a management-consulting or professional services firm?

Then your job is to market an intangible service in compelling ways, while finding outlets to showcase the intellectual capital of your consultants or professionals.

  • Are you getting them published as frequently as you like? 
  • Are your new-business proposals as effective as they should be? 
  • Are you taking full advantage of  your firm’s intellectual capital?

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Our management-consulting/professional services client/project list.
Our management consulting/professional services portfolio.

An entrepreneur or business owner about to launch or move to the next growth stage?

Then you must transform your entrepreneurial vision into reality. You need to define products and services, hire employees, and build market awareness.

  • Do you need funding, but don’t have time to build a business plan? 
  • Are you so focused on operations that you still don’t have marketing programs and messages defined?
  • Do you just have too much to do and not enough hands?

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Our entrepreneurial ventures client/project list.
Our entrepreneurial ventures portfolio.

A managing editor or editor in a publishing company?

Then you face myriad deadlines and unrelenting pressure to assure editorial quality.

  • Are you covering all the stories you should be? 
  • Are you wasting time doing heavy edits of freelancer copy? 
  • Are you running dry on story ideas? 

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Our publishing client project list.
Our publishing portfolio.

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Writing is when the pen becomes a clarion. ”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




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