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Pam Butterfield, President
Business Success Tools, LLC

Business Success Tools LLC

Pam Butterfield is a “rara avis’—a rare bird.   That’s because she’s a great businessperson who also believes in the transforming power of content.

Pam started Butterfield and Associates, LLC in 2001.  The Manchester, CT-based company provided strategic consulting, team-based facilitation, and executive and business coaching.  Her client base included large corporations, medium-sized privately held firms, and business professionals.  However, earlier this year, Pam decided to add packaged assessments and other performance-enhancement tools to her offerings.

Result: Pam renamed the company Business Success Tools, LLC. She also decided to build a new web site that focused more on client education than her prior site did.  Plus, she wanted her new site to encourage people to try out her complimentary business tools—and hopefully buy fee-based tools later.

These objectives demanded a content-rich site. “I’m a true believer when it comes to content, “Pam says.  “I just hate writing the stuff.”

Hiring Avanza Communications meant she didn’t get bogged down in writing. She only provided the direction, prior written materials, and “blue sky” requirements for new content.  Avanza Communications did the rest. 

“By the end of our project, I had a new web site that communicated exactly what my business had become.  But even more important, it communicated where my business is headed.”

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I’m a true believer when it comes to content, I just hate writing the stuff.”

Pam Butterfield




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