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Client Testimonials

Read what our clients are saying about Avanza Communications.

Robert Redman, Editor, Kaplan Financial (financial services professional development publisher)

We hired Harry Lew to revise our “Disability Insurance” training product for insurance professionals. At the outset, Harry helped me think through the overall scope of changes needed. Then he worked closely with a technical expert to identify specific changes resulting from new tax laws and marketplace developments.

Next, Harry combed through the book, updating statistics and deleting irrelevant content and developing new content as needed.

Finally, he revised the product to make it consistent with Longman’s new instructional design standards. This involved linking content to specific performance objectives for each content unit and lesson and developing new illustrations and case studies to enrich the learning experience.

All in all, I found Harry to be a delight to work with. He understood the objectives of the project, delivered the revised product on time (in fact, one day early), and was extremely responsive to our questions during editorial review (answering queries within the hour). Any company that needs a strong content editor will be well served by retaining Harry Lew.”

Joe Mathews, President, Franchise Performance Group (management consulting, sales training, and

coaching firm)

Harry Lew did an outstanding job helping me develop a manual on training, consulting, and coaching for franchise professionals. He quarterbacked an intelligent design process, opening up my mind to new, creative ways to think.

First, we developed an outline together. Harry asked me direct questions to clarify my thinking while also proposing content I hadn't considered. Then, based on the outline, Harry drafted the manual, pulling details out of me as needed. Next, we worked together to revise and enhance the material. Finally, Harry formatted the content in an attractive workbook format.

The end product was better than either one of us would have created on our own. Over 90 percent of my clients rated the content we developed as "excellent," and the remainder rated it ‘good.’

Overall, I found Harry to be easy to work with and responsive to my needs. And my customers have found the content to be extremely relevant and helpful to them in their jobs. Kudos to Harry for helping me to build such a successful program!”

Pam Butterfield, Principal, Business Success Tools LLC (organizational development, training, and coaching company)

Since launching my business in 2001, my strategy and offerings had evolved substantially. But I still had my original web site, which bore little relationship to my current business. I knew I had to update the site, but I dreaded the thought of organizing and drafting the new content myself. The problem was that our current client base and service offerings were extremely diverse. I knew that getting a handle on all of this content would be a major job.

Harry Lew started by helping me to devise an effective content architecture. Then he helped me winnow through my existing content and edit what was still appropriate into clear, concise web copy. In those cases where content was missing, he extracted knowledge from me and wrote pages that communicated what I do for a living in incisive, professional language.

Once the formal content development phase was over, I hired a web developer to provide a new look and advanced functionality to my site. Harry stayed involved during this phase, providing me with design input and making sure the content was deployed appropriately throughout the new site.

By the end of our project, I had a new web site that communicated exactly what my business had become today. But even more important, it communicated where my business is headed. I could not have managed this task without the assistance of Harry Lew, who turned what normally is an arduous process into an effortless and enjoyable one.

In working with Harry, I discovered that he is not only a keen business writer and editor, but also a savvy business person. This helps him deal with complex business issues and products and the dynamic and often turbulent environment in which businesses exist today.

In short, Harry is a great resource for businesses that need to communicate in an environment of change and complexity. I can recommend him without hesitation.”

Jim Fuss, Director, Franchise Operations, TruePresence (web development franchisor)

We retained Harry Lew to develop a collateral brochure to promote TruePresence to prospective franchisees. Harry hit the ground running. He asked a lot of great questions about our business, combed through the documents we provided, and came back with an on-the-money outline for an eight-page brochure. Once we approved the outline, he drafted content that was clear, concise, and professional. But most important, he presented a compelling business case for TruePresence.

Given the excellent job Harry did for us, we can recommend him heartily to any company that wants strong business content.”

 Brian Bunting, President, BriCins, Inc. (food company)

BriCins, Inc., maker of Brian’s Fabulous FryBreads, has great growth prospects. But to capitalize on our opportunities, we needed additional financial resources. To this end, we attempted to develop our own business plan to support our loan application. But we weren’t happy with how the document turned out. On the advice of our business attorney, we hired Harry Lew, a communications consultant and writer, to make a stronger case for our company.

After interviewing our key employees and asking me a lot of questions, Harry reorganized our plan, identified areas were we needed additional information, and suggested new ways of discussing target markets, marketing, distribution, and sales process. He also did some outside research to fill in several gaps in our plan document.

Then, in just several short weeks, Harry came back with a new version of our plan that conveyed exactly what I wanted. It not only described our company in a creative and entertaining fashion, it also provided a compelling business logic for financing BriCins. I couldn’t ask for a better business plan, and I am thrilled beyond words with the work Harry has done.

I can heartily recommend Harry Lew to any business owner who needs marketing, communications, or content-development assistance.”

(Note:  BriCins received funding.)

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