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Clients and Projects

At Avanza Communications, we work primarily with insurance/financial services, management consulting or professional services, and entrepreneurial clients. But we’ve also completed successful projects with publishing, healthcare, and technology firms. To view our projects over the last 18 years (spanning current and former jobs), check out our industry clients/projects below. Our industry portfolios showcase more recent work.

Insurance/financial services

Avanza Communications has over 20 years experience with insurance companies selling life insurance, annuities, retirement programs, and employee benefits. For more than 25 insurers, Avanza has created publication content, agent/distributor selling tools, and employer and employee communications tools and content. We also have extensive experience building sales training courses, with deep expertise in the voluntary benefits industry.

Management consulting/professional services

Avanza Communications has a strong affinity with management consulting firms. For more than 20 years, we have helped such firms advance in the marketplace by providing the tools and content they need to communicate their unique expertise to their prospects and clients.

In fact, publishing content on the web, in trade publications, and elsewhere is one of the most powerful consulting firm marketing strategies. Publishing your intellectual capital—your firm’s business content—helps prospective clients sample your expertise and develop a taste for your capabilities. Excellent content often leads to lucrative business relationships.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Avanza Communications believes strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit. We work with many entrepreneurs and have been involved with four start-ups ourselves. Entrepreneurs face the challenge of defining their business model in writing so that it appeals to investors, prospects, employee candidates, and strategic partners. We help such firms create business plans, new-business proposals, presentations, marketing brochures, and web site content that convey their strengths—and generate financial results.


Avanza Communications provides writing and editorial services to publishing firms that demand top-shelf business content. We specialize in delivering news and training content that lays the foundation for product success.


Healthcare is a vital segment of the U.S. economy.  What’s more, companies in the healthcare sector touch virtually every American, greatly affecting quality of life. Avanza Communications has a deep interest in healthcare issues and has worked with a variety of healthcare payors to improve their marketing, communications, and training content.


Technology is characterized by complexity and perpetual white water.  Creating marketing and communications content under these conditions is a unique strength of Avanza Communications.  For nearly 10 years, we have worked with technology providers that have reshaped their industries through product innovation and marketing prowess. 

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